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Kirk Cameron Makes Fun of Evolutionists Again

Kirk Cameron was already a TV star when he became a Christian. As Mike Seaver on the sitcom Growing Pains, he was experiencing the kind of success that lots of teen actors only dream of. Since his conversion, Cameron has …

Charles Darwin Wrong About Coral Atolls, Shows Study
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Though Charles Darwin is known as the father of modern biology, evolutionary biologists are well aware that he got many aspects of evolution wrong. In particular, with no knowledge of genetics Darwin was left to speculate heavily on the mechanisms …

Be Like Darwin With iNaturalist App Be Like Darwin With iNaturalist App

The iNaturalist app, developed by iNaturalist.org, allows users to photograph various species in nature, log them, and then contribute observations to the iNaturalist website, a social network for naturalists. Users can also get some insight from fellow naturalists for help …

Print Is Not Dead, Darwin Says So

The market can only take so much and there will always be specific niches to fill. That being said, let’s also remember that geeks have been declaring the death of print since at least 1984.

Eons: For Life (And Death) After 50

Imagine that you’re reading through your computer’s “alerts” one morning. There’s a Windows update available, your anniversary is in one week, and, by the way, Bob died. That last piece of information would be brought to you courtesy of Eons, a new website for people “50 plus everything.”

Darwin (Mac OS X Open Source)

I have a handful of Boston clients, so around once a month or so, I take the commuter rail train into Back Bay or South Station.

Darwin Was A Hack, Says Geneticist

A retired Italian scientist says not all critics of evolution come from strict supporters of creationism.

Darwin Goes To War

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection remain under assault in Kansas as champions of intelligent design and the theory of evolution fire their “canons”. The lines have been drawn in the Kansas State Board of Education meeting rooms where the debates are taking place.

Intro to Darwinism

No, this isn’t going to be a religious or scientific battle about the origin of our universe. It’s going to be a first look at Darwin, the underlying level of Mac OS X. Right now you are probably asking yourself why, how, or are confused as to what Darwin really is. I can give a you a great nutshell answer for each. Strap on your geek boots, here we go!