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Darksiders, Red Faction, Other THQ IPs Sold

Yesterday, Gearbox, the developer of the Borderlands series (and Aliens: Colonial Marines), announced that it had acquired the Homeworld franchise and intends to port the first two games in the 3D real-time strategy series to “today’s leading digital platforms.” Today it has been revealed that what’s left of THQ has sold off a few more of its IPs that didn’t …

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THQ Sold: Studios, Games Go to Sega, Ubisoft, and Others

The feeding frenzy over THQ took place yesterday, but no news of the event had leaked out until now. Kotaku has published an internal THQ memo from THQ CEO Brian Farrell and President Jason Rubin that details the sale of the company and most of its assets. The letter is fairly sad, and the latter half is highly personal and …

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Darksiders II Gets Intimate With Death

Darksiders II, sequel to one of the best games of this generation, is finally launching next week. The team at Vigil Games and THQ have been revving up the marketing machine with new trailers and behind the scenes footage. Now they’re ready to launch with the premier of the launch trailer for Darksiders II that represents the best of what …

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Troubled Game Publisher THQ Is Worth 21 Million Pounds Of Candy Corn

It’s no secret that THQ is in a bit of trouble these days. The game publisher has had a string of misses and bad management that led to their current financial state. The company has been threatened with delisting from the stock exchange as its worth sits around 62 cents per share. How do we cope with such bad news? …

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Darksiders II Trailer Gives Us An Inside Look At Death

The original Darksiders was one of the most unique titles released in 2010. It brought gamers a new take on tired Apocalypse cliches by spinning a unique tale on top of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse story. The first title featured War on a quest to clear his name, while the sequel features Death trying to clear War’s name. …

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