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Weird Toxic Lake in Tanzania Turns Animals Into Statues

The New Scientist reports that a bizarre lake in northern Tanzania is turning animals into calcified statues. Lake Natron, named for the compound that occurs naturally in its waters, looks like a description directly out of Dante’s Divine Comedy: a black, sullen swamp where the cruel and vindictive meet their fate, although the birds who perish there could hardly be …

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Devil May Cry “Vergil’s Downfall” DLC Coming March 5

Capcom this week released the first real DLC for its Devil May Cry (DmC) reboot. Titled “Bloody Palace,” the extra content includes the popular Bloody Palace Mode in which players can battle through over 100 levels against progressively harder enemies. The content is free, aside from some optional weapon packs that also went on sale this week for $1 or …

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Devil May Cry Demo Arrives November 20

Whatever your opinions on Dante’s new short-cropped hair, it’s clear from the screenshots and trailers that the new Devil May Cry (DmC) certainly has imaginative art direction. The weird urban, cyber-punkish settings and the dizzying set pieces that have been shown foretell that the game will be memorable, at the very least. However, the Devil May Cry games have always …

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New Devil May Cry Trailer Released

Capcom and Ninja Theory give us this new trailer featuring a half naked Dante and fake Bill O’Reilly. The trailer starts with the Bill O’ Reilly-like character calling Dante a “terrorist” and a “sexual deviant”, warning him that the police are coming after him. Dante jumps right out of bed and starts fighting demons while simultaneously flying through the air …

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