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Yeah, Dad, Google Translate Knows Your Dutch Vulgarity

Google Translate is a pretty magical app. I think we can say that without equivocation. Google recently added the ability to point and shoot words and have them instantly translated – and the darndest thing is that it actually works. Google Translate also improved its real-time conversation feature and added support for more languages. Basically, the Google Translate app is …

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Brenda Song Goes Shopping with Mom and Younger Brother

Brenda Song was recently spotted shopping in Los Angeles with her mom Mai and younger brother Nathan. The trio hit a mall in the trendy Woodland Hills neighborhood on Friday. Onlookers said Song and her mother bought beauty products at the MAC store. Song, 26, appears close to her family, with photos of them peppered throughout her Instagram feed. The …

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Huggies Ad Backlash Sweeps Web As Angry Dads Protest

A recent Huggies ad campaign has many fathers angry at what they say is a depiction of dads as “bumbling idiots” rather than active parents. The ad, which urges consumers to “Put dad to the test”, shows a group of dads who are so preoccupied with watching sports that they forget to change their babies’ diapers. The intended message, according …

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