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This Asteroid Nearly Went Clobberin’ Time on Earth & Hardly Anyone Noticed

Actually, it didn’t really, but it was the sixth-closest grazing ever recorded and a helluva lot closer than Asteroid 2012 LZ1 came earlier this month. In video recorded last month by NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility, which you can see below, the Asteroid 2012 KT42 likely wouldn’t have yielded much damage had it even been on a collision course with our …

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Asteroid 2012 DA14 Will Not Seek & Destroy Earth In February 2013

In case you’re having a lovely Monday morning, here’s some news that will positively change that for you: an asteroid will smash into our planet in precisely eleven months and we earthlings no longer have enough time to prepare our defenses. The asteroid will simply incinerate everything and that’s just the way it will be. Now. In case that totally …

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