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LinkedIn Parodies Commercials in its D10 Interview

Kara Swisher’s interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman detailed LinkedIn’s very stable roadmap for building its social network while also making it profitable for investors. There were no surprises or big LinkedIn announcements, but the heads of LinkedIn did bring a parody video that shows the social network for professional networking actually has a pretty …

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Tim Cook Thinks U.S. Patent System Is Broken

Often in the tech world it seems that you can hardly go a day without hearing about some new lawsuit where one company is suing another for violating its intellectual property. Whether it’s non-practicing entities (i.e., patent trolls) going after companies like Apple or Microsoft to make a quick buck, or it’s companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, or Google …

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Tim Cook: Apple May Kill Off Ping

Speaking to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at last night to kick off AllThingsD’s D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple is exploring the possibility of killing Ping. Wait, you may be saying, what’s Ping? Considering how little attention Ping has gotten over the last couple of years, you could be forgiven for not knowing what it is. …

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Tim Cook Promises Improvements To Siri Coming Soon

Even if you don’t have an iPhone 4S (or a jailbroken iOS device running Spire), you know what Siri is. It’s the voice-activated “killer app” for the iPhone 4S, introduced in October. It’s the focus of pretty much every ad for the iPhone 4S you’ve ever seen (including some recent ones with celebrities). Siri is also, however, a subject of …

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Tim Cook: Apple To “Double-Down” On Secrecy

Every company has its own little quirks: aspects of its operational philosophy – small or major – that give it its own personality. One of Apple’s quirks, if you will, is its devotion to secrecy. Apple keeps every detail of its operations – particularly upcoming products – locked down tight with a vehemence that some would call paranoia. Some have …

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Tim Cook Hints iOS Facebook Integration May Be Coming Soon

When Apple unveiled iOS 5 last fall with Twitter integration, the big question on everyone’s mind was “Where’s Facebook?” Apple had reportedly been in talks to bring Facebook integration to iOS since before iOS 4, but nothing had ever come of it. When iOS 5 came out with Twitter integration but no Facebook (a feature that appears to carry over …

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