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Lance Armstrong Saddened By Death Of Robin Williams

As the world of movies mourn the loss of renowned actor Robin Williams, the cycling community also suffers grief in his passing. Off screen, Williams was a huge cycling enthusiast who once said he had so many bikes that he lost count. He was an enthusiastic follower of the professional cycling scene and was close friends with pros including five-time …

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Lance Armstrong Drops Names Of Persons That Helped Him Dope

Lance Armstrong, the celebrity cyclist, has for the first time, named the people who gave him, and helped him get illegal performance enhancing drugs for all seven of his Tour de France titles. In his public statement, he named the US Postal ex-team manager Johan Bruyneel, trainer Pepi Marti, Dr. Michele Ferrari, Dr. Pedro Celaya, and Dr. Luis Garcia del …

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Kyle Bennett Dies at 33, Olympic BMX Racer

Bike racing, especially Bicycle Motorcross (BMX), is a very integral part of any summer Olympic season. With this in mind, it is sad news to bear that Kyle Bennett, a well-known BMX racer, has passed away. Kyle Bennett, from Conroe, Texas, was always interested in the bike-racing scene. At the age of seven, his grandfather took him to the Armarillo …

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