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Gabrielle Union Speaks Out Against Nude Photo Leak

Two months after being involved in a massive nude photo leak that targeted celebrities, Gabrielle Union has opened up about her experiences and the gross violation of privacy she has encountered. During the Fun Fearless Life conference in New York City, the actress talked at length about what she went through. “I didn’t do anything wrong—no matter what people describe …

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Paris Hilton Gets Apology From The Nude Photo Hacker

Cameron Lacroix, the 26-year-old hacker from New Bedford who’s responsible for the Paris Hilton nude photo leak back in 2005, has apologized to the celebrity for invading her privacy. The apology came as Lacroix is about to begin his four-year sentence for several counts of hacking including credit card fraud. In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Lacroix addressed Hilton, …

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Paris Hilton Phone Hacker Pleads Guilty To String Of Cyber Crimes

Cameron Lacroix, also known as “cam0,” “leetjones,” or “Freak,” is once again in trouble with the authorities. In 2005, Lacroix hacked Paris Hilton’s cellphone and leaked incriminating photos of the socialite. Now, Lacroix is facing new charges as he allegedly stole bank information from over 14,000 account holders. Prosecutors said that he has been doing it for the last three …

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Identity Theft Protection: Things You Should Know

Identity theft transpires when a third party gets your personal information, such as social security number and credit card details and uses them for fraudulent purposes. According to the Federal Trade Commission, more or less 9 million Americans experience identity theft yearly. In 2010, an estimated $3.5 billion was spent by U.S. consumers for purchasing products that specialize in identity …

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Miss Teen USA Victim of Cyber-Crime

What would you do if someone sent you an e-mail threatening to release pictures that they stole, off of your computer, to the media if you didn’t cooperate and send them nude pictures of yourself? Would you go to the authorities, or simply send them the pictures that they asked for? 19-year-old Cassidy Wolf was forced to make this decision, …

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Facebook Still Used As Hunting Ground For Predators

Communication has never been easier and more available to everyone. Social media is becoming a part of most of our daily lives. The more we use platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the more familiar and friendly it becomes for us and we can easily forget that these same platforms for communication can be used by people to hurt others, commit …

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