How To Use Google’s New Blocked Resources Report

How To Use Google’s New Blocked Resources Report

By Chris Crum March 11, 2015

Google just introduced a new Webmaster Tools feature called the Blocked Resource Report, aimed at helping webmasters find and resolve issues where Google can’t use images, CSS, or JavaScript that has been blocked. Blocked resource prevent pages from rendering properly, …

Rendering Issues: Journey of the Email [Infographic] Rendering Issues: Journey of the Email [Infographic]

If you’ve ever wondered about what causes email to break, this next infographic from Litmus.Com is for you. Most oof us just attribute it to shoddy HTML and CSS support, but there could be many other factors at work. Litmus …

Mozilla Shows Off Click Highlighting Mozilla Shows Off Click Highlighting

In their tireless march to make every piece of premium software obsolete with free open source, HTML5 applications, Mozilla, alongside Google, has been been at the forefront of this endeavor. While some of the past examples have been really cool …

HTML5 Game Development Tips From Gamzee HTML5 Game Development Tips From Gamzee

If Mozilla and Google are to be believed, HTML5 is the future of game development on the Web. While I still think that Flash is here to stay for at least a few more years, the arguments for HTML5 are …

Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests. Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests.

If your website consistently loads in under two seconds, congratulations! ┬áIt is in the small minority of sites able to meet the new threshold for patience among Internet users. But if yours is like the vast majority of websites that …

Google: Blocking Javascript, CSS May Be Hurting Your Rankings Google: Blocking Javascript, CSS May Be Hurting Your Rankings

If you’re blocking Google from crawling your javascript and CSS, you may potentially be hurting your own search rankings. It’s not that using that javascript and CSS will necessarily make you rank better, but if you don’t let Google crawl …

SMX East: Handling CSS, Ajax, And SEO

Since most relevant recommendations are presented as and relate to standard English words, it’s not too hard to understand most of the SEO basics.  But stuff relating to CSS and Ajax can get a little confusing, so a session at SMX East tried to focus on a few tips and tricks.

SEO Step 3 of Ten: Site Structure

Welcome to part three in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

PubCon – CSS and HTML Coding
CSS today is almost synonymous with Web 2.0. We have come a very long way from the days of simply tweaking your links to remove the underline.

Panelists will discuss the cut corners, the non-underlined links, the freaky mouse-overs, and other code beautification techniques. HTML, on the other hand, has moved closer towards XML and feeds. Our panelists will discuss how to update your code to match what is evolving on the web.

SES – CSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 & Search Engines
As the web moves into its second generation, sites are making more use of CSS, AJAX and other advanced and interactive design techniques. But how are the largely Web 1.0 search engines reacting to these, from an SEO perspective. This session explores issues and solutions.

Easy Social News Links
Social news sites come to prominence largely over the controversies associated with people gaming them, and without people gaming them few would ever garner a critical mass. Marketers spamming a social news site is part of the growth cycle.

After the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association

OK, I’m finally back in Salt Lake and able to take a few minutes to post about my recent trip to Milwaukee to present to the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA).

I am thoroughly impressed with the hospitality I was shown in Milwaukee. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. I appreciate that very much. I intend to return to Milwaukee and see more of this great city.

Does CSS Help Improve Search Engine Rank?

Dear Kalena…

Does CSS help improve search engine rank?


Kalena’s Answer:

Hi contactlab

The Holy Grail of CSS

Someone asked me recently why I liked Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) and what makes CSS so great. The answer only makes sense if you know what CSS is.

Kiss Your CSS Goodbye With Outlook 2007
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HTML emails and CSS formatting will take a huge hit when Outlook 2007 starts taking up positions on millions of desktops, and email newsletter publishers will have to take some extra steps to ensure their creations render correctly. But even that isn’t a guarantee against problems with that new email program.

GoogleBot Crawls CSS Files

Barry Schwartz spotted a thread in the Cre8site Forums discussing a report by Ekstreme.com that Googlebot requested a CSS file. This is a very interesting, but not surprising development.

Dreamweaver 8 Advises You On CSS

Developers at Adobe pursued improvements with the number one web development tool by focusing on an issue that has proven a real time waster for developers.