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This Anarchist Wants To Use Bitcoin to Crowdfund Assassins

Forbes author Andy Greenberg wrote today about an encrypted email he received from a person who called themselves Kuwabatake Sanjuro. Sanjuro claimed to have designed a Deepweb site called the Assassination Market, which apparently has the capability to “crowdfund” political assassinations in a similar manner as Kickstarter. For the technically unfamiliar, “the Deepweb” or “DarkNet” (depending on who you’re talking …

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MD5crypt Password Scrambler Not Safe, Says Creator

One of the more interesting things revealed to the public during the LinkedIn password leak debacle is the fact that entire forums exist where black-hat hackers work together to crack hashes. The speed with which LinkedIn and eHarmony’s passwords were obtained from the leaked hash is also disconcerting, considering that these companies are both large and reputable. The fact is, …

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Quantum Cryptography Foils Hackers

A research team led by University of Toronto Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo has found a new quantum encryption method to foil even the most sophisticated hackers. The discovery is outlined in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters. Quantum cryptography is, in principle, a foolproof way to prevent hacking. It ensures that any attempt by an eavesdropper to read encoded communication …

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