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John Wisden, ‘The Little Wonder’ Gets A Google Doodle

Cricketer John Wisden is getting the Google Doodle treatment in the UK today, on what would be his 187th birthday. At 5’6″, Wisden was known as “The Little Wonder”. He was a member of three English cricket teams (Kent, Middlesex and Sussex), who played in the world’s first overseas cricket tour. He was a right-handed bowler, and occasional wicket-keeper. In …

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AT&T to Buy Leap Wireless For $1.2 Billion

AT&T this week announced that it intends to acquire Leap Wireless for $15 per share – nearly $1.2 billion. The deal will give AT&T ownership of Leap’s licenses, network, and stores. AT&T will also get over 5 million subscribers, edging it up as the second-largest mobile provider in the U.S. and closing its subscriber gap with Verizon. Leap provides wireless …

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J.Lo’s Demands Get Her Dropped From Cricket Gig

Jennifer Lopez is a big draw for any event. So big, that she can demand the staff at events do just about anything to please her. Unfortunately, there comes a point at which demands become too big to fulfill. The New York Post is reporting that Lopez lost out on a potentially huge gig due to outrageous demands. The singer …

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Want An iPhone 5, But Don’t Like Contracts? Cricket’s Got Your Back

Apple revealed the iPhone 5 yesterday alongside the carriers that would be providing consumers with the new phone. It was revealed that the usual suspects – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint – would be offering the 16GB base model for $199 with a two year contract. The announcement failed to mention if there would be a contract free model available to …

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