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Google News Now Using Googlebot for Crawling Google News Now Using Googlebot for Crawling

Google announced today that it will no longer be using a separate crawler for Google News, and will now start using Googlebot. “Google News recently updated our infrastructure to crawl with Google’s primary user-agent,Googlebot. What does this mean? Very little …

Google States Case for Online News in WSJ
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Update: The Wall Street Journal is running a piece from Google CEO Eric Schmidt on how Google can help newspapers. It’s an interesting read.

Google reminds webmasters about robot invasion

Users of Google’s Webmaster Central tools have access to an effective module for creating robots.txt files for their sites.

Publishers Push ACAP As Robots.txt Improvement

The Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP) debuted today as a set of improvements to deficiencies seen in the robots.txt protocol currently observed by search crawlers.

SES – Meet The Crawlers

Representatives from major crawler-based search engines cover how to submit and feed them content, with plenty of Q&A time to cover issues related to ranking well and being indexed.

Truth About Web Crawlers

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave some code in your web site to tell the search engine spider crawlers to make your site number one?

The Robot Generation – Crawlers Prevail!

In the pursuit of online power, manipulation, and control, a new breed of web crawler’s hiding in the dark alleys of the web are being brought forth.

Break It Down: Search Engine Crawlers

How do they find those wonderful sites? A question many interested in the internet search world often ponder is also answered fairly easy. It’s all in the way they crawl.

Crawler Insights From Google and Yahoo!
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My favorite sessions at the SES conference were those where Google and Yahoo appeared on the same panels. You could almost always count on some crackling tension between the two search giants.

The “Meet The Crawlers” session was no exception.