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Argentina Drawing Natural Gas from Cow Burps

Argentine researchers have found a way to transform the gas created by cow digestive systems into fuel, a development that could also reduce some of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) has developed a technique that channels cow gas from bovine stomach cavities, using an experimental system of valves and pumps. The …

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Being Single Is A Poor Defense When Caught Behind The Neighbor’s Cow With Your Pants Down

It sucks being single. You find yourself looking at every couple with nothing but jealousy and regret at your own miserable situation. At that point, you either have to suck it up and find yourself a partner; or you could always take after Jackson Kiruga and relieve your stress on the neighbor’s cow. Standard Media reports that Kiruga, a resident …

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Cow Falls Through Roof: Kills Man

Joao Maria de Souza went to bed, with his wife, Wednesday night, not knowing that he would never wake up. Souza, a 45 year old Brazilian man, was killed Wednesday night when a cow fell through the roof of his home, and landed on him while he was sleeping. The cow just barely missed his wife, and she had no …

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