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Twitter Acquires Cover, Keeps It Alive (For Now) Twitter Acquires Cover, Keeps It Alive (For Now)

Cover, an Android lockscreen app, announced that it has been acquired by Twitter. It’s unclear exactly what Twitter intends to do with it, but the app will remain active at least for now. In a blog post (via TechCrunch), the …

Time Magazine’s Controversial Covers
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It seems that we have an issue about an issue (or two). Time Magazine is attracting some angry readers (and a few lazy skimmers) about their issue entitled The Gods of Food, and another issue entitled The Elephant in the …

Call Me Maybe Spawns Tons Of Imitators [Videos]

When a song grabs the country by storm a couple of things happen. The biggest being the pure amount of cover videos on youtube that show up. Happened to “Baby Baby Baby” by Justin Beiber, happened to “All The Single …

Blogs fired up over New Yorker's Obama cover

Depicting the Democratic frontrunner as a flag-burning, Osama bin Laden devotee won The New Yorker few fans.