To Reach Facebook Fans, Keep It Local

To Reach Facebook Fans, Keep It Local

By Chris Gabbard March 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

A recent social media study by Hearsay Social suggests that fans of local pages are far more engaging than larger corporate fans. In a study of over 14 million social interactions from consumers they found that the typical post from …

Recommended Online Marketing & PR Reading List

At ad:tech last week, fellow PR/new media marketing practitioner and blogger, Rohit Bhargava and I were talking about his new book, “Personality Not Included – Why Brands Lose Their Authenticity and How Great Companies Get it Back”, and he mentioned that I should send him a list of recommended reading for a new bookstore feature he’s adding to his blog.

Google’s VP Of Corporate Development Departs

While examining Google’s hiring habits, I recently suggested that the company invest in nametags.  Upon further reflection, this was a bad idea; people are leaving so quickly that the tags might be a waste of money.  The latest man to depart is Salman Ullah, Vice President of Corporate Development.

Reputation – Both Corporate & Personal

It has been an interesting week – a few blog posts out there attacking others, a nice article on online reputation that was syndicated from the Seattle Times, and a phone call via Facebook asking me about … defending your reputation because of blogs.

Corporate Image in the Age of Social Technologies

Every company is a media company now – so sayeth Richard Edelman during his presentation.

Google Becoming Wikipedia Without the Talk Page
In a recent post about paid links, Danny Sullivan wrote about how Google’s army of engineers are going to start hand editing PageRank scores if they think you are selling links, which is a move that wreaks of desperation.

Google Preps Postini For Business World
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As enamored as the tech world can be with the business to consumer relationships of Web 2.0 applications, Google understands what companies like Microsoft and IBM do – the real money is in business to business relationships.

Facebook’s AceBucks Bring In $1.5 Million

As regular readers will know, I’m wary of Facebook applications.  I’m especially wary of ones that require or (in the case of AceBucks) imitate real money.  But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Buddy Media, which owns the AceBucks app, has raised $1.5 million.

Google Ready To Seduce Corporate World

The company’s Google Apps collection of productivity software will be the thin end of the wedge Google hopes to drive between corporations and their long-time love of Microsoft Office.

To Catch A Wiki-Predator
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A flame war has ensued between the operators of PervertedJustice.com, online arm of Dateline NBC’s "To Catch A Predator," and Wikipedia. When Wikipedia users clicked on the Perverted Justice link included with articles about pedophilia, they were redirected to a welcome page naming Wikipedia as a "corporate sex offender."

VibeAgent Launches My Maps

Every travel site should offer some sort of map; they’re useful, and the idea isn’t particularly hard to arrive at.  VibeAgent is going above and beyond, however, with My Maps, a sort of customized, social network-y concoction.

Facebook Receives NPR Podcast Player
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I like listening to music, but when local stations can’t keep me interested, I turn to National Public Radio.  Facebook users will now have the same option, as the NPR Podcast Player has made its way onto the social networking site.

Jupiter Has Good Prognosis For Health Ads

Google has been touting a Jupiter Research report on health information searching and its recommendations for advertisers.

Corporate Study Shows You Should Pay More

More bandwidth, not bandwidth manipulation, has been one of the technical solutions offered as an answer to the growing capacity demands of services like VoIP and video. It’s also been used as a rebuttal to telecom industry arguments against Net Neutrality, a rebuttal, um, rebutted in a new study sponsored by…

Google Sorrier For Sicko Comments
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Google’s apparently very, very sorry about Google Health Advertising blogger Lauren Turner’s comments criticizing Michael Moore’s film Sicko – so sorry the company’s PR department put out a statement and resident star blogger Matt Cutts put out a guide to corporate blogging.

Google Gets Mentioned A Lot In Social Media

As “Brands in Social Media” go, Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Microsoft stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Indeed, Google appears to receive more than ten times as much attention as Amazon.  But even within these four leaders, there are some big differences.

Google’s Solar Panels Power Up
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Some time ago, Google announced that it would install a number of solar panels on the much-discussed Googleplex.  Those panels are now in place, on, and, according to the company, generating “an electricity output capable of powering approximately 1,000 average California homes.”