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Cornell Hazing Leads To Suspension Of Lacrosse Team
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Cornell is facing some heat after the lacrosse team participated in hazing, causing the program to be suspended. The hazing has caused the men’s lacrosse team to be suspended for the entire fall season. Cornell announced last week that the …

Google Lends Space for CornellNYC Tech’s Temporary Campus Google Lends Space for CornellNYC Tech’s Temporary Campus

Google not only provides decent internet search, reliable email, wacky self-driving cars, and augmented reality specs, but now it’s in the real estate business. Mashable reported today that Google is loaning out 22,000 feet of its New York City office …

Cornell University Joins Google Library Project
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Attending Cornell University as an undergrad will cost you around $17,000 per semester.  But if you just want to look through the school’s libraries, it’s free – some of their content will become available to everyone, thanks to an arrangement with Google’s Library Project.

Cornell Joins Microsofts Live Book Search

Cornell University has announced joint initiatives with Microsoft and Kirtas Technologies aimed at digitizing a majority of the school’s library content. The volumes will be made available online via Microsoft’s Live Book Search.

Cornell Takes Next Robotic Leap

Robots can now build more robots, at least on a simplistic level. Hod Lipson and his team at Cornell University developed a group of robots that can replicate themselves. It’s considered a major breakthrough in robotics and while it may seem simple now, the future certainly looks bright.