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HBO to Launch Standalone Streaming Service…in Scandinavia

Hey everyone, listen up; it appears that HBO has finally caved and are going through with plans to launch a standalone, non-cable-subscription-requiring streaming service. Oh, in Europe, you say? Well son of a Dothraki whore…. It’s true. According to Variety, HBO just revealed their plans at a press conference in Stockholm. HBO Nordic AB, which is set to launch this …

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Sorry HBO, A Lot Of Cord Cutters Plan To Stay Cut

I kind of feel bad directing this at HBO, considering some of the amazing content they’ve pumped out over the last few years, it’s just that the words “cord cutter” engender thoughts of HBO, angry Game of Thrones fans, and frustrated torrenting. I guess I don’t have to be totally fair. But the simple fact is that more and more …

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HBO: Sorry, Cord Cutters, We Don’t Want Your Money…Yet

Yesterday, we told you about a new site called TakeMyMoneyHBO that promoted a simple message: Those of us that don’t have cable subscriptions want to be able to watch HBO programming, and we will gladly pay for it. The site’s creator, web designer Jake Caputo, says that people who currently pirate HBO shows like Game of Thrones would gladly stop …

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