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Copper May Play Role in Alzheimer’s Disease

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is causing debate among scientists on the connections between copper intake in the diet and Alzheimer’s Disease. The study, conducted on mice, showed that a large amount of …

Copper Debuts to Moderately Good Reviews
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Copper, the new, “gritty,” drama from the BBC premiered on BBC America last night. Reviews for the show are mostly good, though not spectacular. While reviewers generally enjoyed the themes, setting, and backstory in the premiere episodes, the characters and …

Verizon Cuts Copper, Installs Incentive To Invest
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A chief argument against Net Neutrality has been that it will remove incentive to invest. Recent moves by Verizon to lock customers into fiber shows that the incentive is most certainly present, and the company will do what is necessary to muscle the future into being.