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Rapper Lil’ Boosie Released From Prison

Torrance Hatch, more commonly known as Lil Boosie, was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary on Wednesday night. A press conference is scheduled on March 10. The schedule for the Baton Rouge rapper’s release was slated for May, but Lil Boose was able to complete his self-help program on Wednesday afternoon, which earned him credits that made him eligible to be …

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Escaped Convict Taunts Police Using Facebook, Gets Arrested

We are always looking for new applications for social media outlets right? How can we get our message out to more people? How can we create community amongst customers? How we can get 40,000 people to follow us as we escape from the law? Whoa, wait a minute. That last one doesn’t seem very ‘marketing’ oriented does it? Well, that’s because it’s not and it is really a slow news day at least from this blogger’s perspective.

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