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DRM to be a Billion-Dollar Industry by 2018

As even mobile hardware has now improved beyond what average consumers might actually need on a daily basis, the emphasis on software has become more important in recent years. Add to this the ease with which content can be shared and businesses are now terrified of piracy, as the nearly constant battle over copyright laws demonstrates. This is despite the …

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HBO App Hits Android, iPhone

It’s not TV, it’s HBO — on your mobile phone, no less. Well, a couple of them, anyway. Oh, look, just in time for True Blood, too. That’s right, if you own and Android or an iPhone/iPad, the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse will soon be available on your device, provided you have an existing HBO account. After months of trashing …

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A Multi-Vendor Approach to Handling Today’s Content Management Requirements

Here is an interesting report I received from Forrester, Plan your ECM Strategy For Business, Persuasive, Transactional, And Foundational Needs by Stephen Powers and Alan Weintraub with Matthew Brown and Anjali Yakkundi. They note that enterprises are now struggling under increasing volumes of varying types of content (aka multi-channel information overload). In the past firms have taken a product-specific approach …

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Solving the Insolvable Problem of Information Overload

Every now and then, a debate will pop up in the Blogosphere/Twitterverse about whether or not RSS is dead. One such debate has been raging this week, and has even got some high profile tech bloggers bickering in an embarrassingly public manner (name-calling and all). 

Do you think RSS is "dead"? Tell us why or why not

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Google Friend Connect Heads to Drupal and Joomla

Google announced that Google Friend Connect features are now available for the Drupal and Joomla content management systems. This means that content publishers using these platforms can integrate Google’s product, which basically turns your site into a mini social network.

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