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Cat Draws YouTube Copyright Claim with Its Derivative Purring

In this story, cats and lame copyright bullshit collide. It’s the perfect internet story. Have you ever heard a cat purring and thought, man this really sounds like that one song? Well, YouTube did. And it recently flagged one cat video with a copyright notice. In March of 2014, YouTube user Digihaven uploaded this hour-long video of his cat Phantom …

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YouTube Content ID Puts Manual Review Process Into The Hands Of Content Owners

Earlier this week, the YouTube team laid out the changes it will be making to site’s controversial Content ID system. The proposed changes inspired hope that YouTube wouldn’t remove videos due to false positives in the content matching system. There was a small correction today that may change all that. In the original blog post, the YouTube team said that …

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YouTube Upgrades Its Content ID System

YouTube’s Content ID system has drawn the ire from plenty of Internet users. Important moments in history have been ruined thanks to the trigger happy ID matching program that seems to serve content curators over users. This year alone has seen two embarrassing instances of the Content ID system being abused – the Mars Rover landing and the Democratic National …

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