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Narrative Science, The Robotic Content Farm, Generates Articles From Tweets

We first reported on Narrative Science at the height of the big content farm discussion, prior to Google’s release of the Panda Update about a year ago. We asked if the next wave of content farms would eliminate humans, as what Narrative Science does, is produce stories from computers. “We tell the story behind the data,” its description said. “Our …

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Blekko Bans eHow and Other Content Farms

According to a TechCrunch story just published the war against content farms has reached Blekko. WebProNews is seeking to confirm the facts. To learn more about Blekko and its approach to fighting web spam watch the embedded video interview our WebProNews team conducted at Pubcon with Blekko founder Rich Skrenta below.

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The Real Problem With Content Farms is Google

The business of content farms like Demand Media is creating content in the form of articles and videos that search engines will crawl and feature prominently in the long tail of search results. Demand Media and all content farms’ Achilles’ heel is that much of their Internet traffic and revenue relies on Google.

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