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911 Call For Bigfoot: Only Bear Tracks Found
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Bigfoot sightings are a perennial sideshow in the U.S. Vague claims invariably turn out to be regular animal hair, gorilla suits, hoaxes, or nothing at all. This week, a man in Pennsylvania kicked off the latest Bigfoot mania with a …

The Moon Landing Wasn’t Faked, But Here’s Another Reason Why
· 7

There are still people out there who believe that the 1969 Moon landing was a hoax, perpetrated by the U.S. government and that everyone involved has successfully kept that fact from being exposed and proven for over 40 years. If …

Astounding Mars Image Finds Wall-E?

NASA has had the rover “Opportunity” on the surface of Mars for a long time now. Every now and then it takes these fantastic streaming photos of the mars lanscape. Warning, do not stare into the photo, you will get …

Obama’s Birth Certificate: New Conspiracy Theories Obama’s Birth Certificate: New Conspiracy Theories
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It has been a rough week for the Birthers.  After 2 and 1/2 years of demands that President Barack Obama release his long-form birth certificate to prove that he is, in fact, an American citizen qualified to serve as Commander-in-Chief …

I’ve Had It With Google Conspiracy Theories
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Okay people, enough is enough.  I can’t go through a day anymore without reading some article or other about how Google has been seduced by the power of the dark side.  It’s debunking time.