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Miley Cyrus is Justin Bieber’s Mentor

It’s news you never get tired about hearing, whether it’s displayed in the impulse buyers section on the magazine rack at a grocery store, or it’s your Facebook feed; America’s sweet hearts are Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.  The child stars are buddies, and since Cyrus has been in the industry longer, she consoles Bieber in a business where the …

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Amazon Developing an Android Video Game Console [RUMOR]

The success of video games on mobile devices has begun to drastically affect the video game industry. Free-to-play game pricing has begun to invade both PC gaming and console gaming, and nearly every large game publisher is now putting out games for iOS and Android. The success of the Ouya Kickstarter has shown that there is some demand for more …

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Nintendo to Release Black 3DS XL in August

Though Nintendo’s Wii U console is struggling to sell, the company’s handheld 3DS console is gaining even more traction than ever. While the home console market release schedule has slow down in anticipation of next-gen consoles, already this year 3DS owners have seen the release of instant-classics such as Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and Animal Crossing: New …

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Ouya Consoles Begin Shipping on March 28

The Ouya console has been quite the success story. The Google Android-powered game console began as a Kickstarter campaign asking for just under $1 million from people who would like to own a more open home video game console. The campaign earned its goal in less than one day and went on to raise over $8.5 million from tens of …

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Rumor: Valve Entering The Game Console Business

There’s always been a gap between console and PC gaming. Besides companies like OnLive and Razer, there hasn’t been much in the way of dedicated PC game platforms. Valve may be the upset that changes all of that. The Verge recently got the exclusive scoop that Valve may be working on a game console. The rumors suggest that it won’t …

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Nintendo Developing An App Store For Wii U Console

It seems that Nintendo still has a few surprises up its sleeve with the new Wii U console set to launch next year. The Daily is reporting that Nintendo has been developing an app store for the next generation gaming console. The current Wii console sports the Wii Shop Channel, which allows users to download games – including all their …

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Angry Birds Developer Calls For Death Of Console Gaming

The television was supposed to kill radio. The internet is supposed to stab television in the back. Email is supposedly going to be dead in a few years due to social media. I wonder if Twitter will commit harikari in 2020. What is it with technology and death? Now, Peter Vesterbacka, business developer lead for Rovio (of Angry Birds fame), …

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Nintendo DSi XL Receives New Colors

The Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming console, is set to have a technicolour makeover this autumn, as three bright new colours – yellow, green & blue make their way to stores across Europe on 8th October 2010 for all to enjoy!.

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Google Adwords Console & API Going Offline January 10th

A maintenance process this Saturday!

Yes, this is the official announcement from the Google Team about a maintenance process, this Saturday. The AdWords login console and the API will be offline between 10am and 2pm Pacific Time.

“We’ll be performing routine system maintenance on Saturday, January 10 from approximately 10:00am to 2:00pm PST. You won’t be able to access AdWords or the API during this time frame, but your ads will continue to run as normal.” -Jeffrey Posnick, AdWords API Team.

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