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Divya Narendra (Of Co-Founding ConnectU With The Winklevii Fame) Joins Twitter Divya Narendra (Of Co-Founding ConnectU With The Winklevii Fame) Joins Twitter

Divya Narendra, the guy that co-founded ConnectU with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has joined Twitter. The Winklevii have been fun to keep up with Twitter, particularly when they reference Facebook. Hopefully Narendra’s presence will add to that equation. His only …

ConnectU Founders Claim Facebook Fight Not Over
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After a false start or two, it appeared that an argument about the founding of Facebook was resolved in 2008, with an out-of-court settlement ending the quarrel between Facebook and ConnectU founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  The Winklevoss twins have now claimed that’s not the case, though, implying that more lawsuits might be on the way.

Internet Summit ’08

If you live in the Southeastern United States, you’re going to want to pencil in Internet Summit ‘08 in Chapel Hill, NC on November 19, 2008. Internet Summit 08

ConnectU Told To Obey Facebook Settlement
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Facebook and ConnectU settled their cases out of court some time ago.  Then ConnectU’s founders came back, claiming new evidence had surfaced.  Fresh proceedings are underway, but before things grow even more complicated, the judge has asked ConnectU to obey the terms of the first settlement.

Facebook Wins Lawsuit

Social networking site ConnectU sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea. They allege he used the source code they hired him to create for their site.

Sorry ConnectU, that Facebook settlement is all yours

There won’t be a second look at a settlement ConnectU’s founders agreed to despite claims of new evidence against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

Judge Rules ConnectU Must Honor Facebook Settlement

A federal judge has ruled that ConnectU must honor a legal settlement with Facebook.

ConnectU founders had attempted to reopen the lawsuit after they said they found new evidence to support their case that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had stolen source code and ideas from them while they all were attending Harvard.

Judge Closes Facebook-ConnectU Proceedings

Anybody not wanting to hear the details of the Facebook-ConnectU case may be able to sigh with relief.  Everyone else might be out of luck.  Judge James Ware has closed the first part of the proceedings to both the public and the press.

Facebook Facing Another ConnectU Challenge
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Although the two sides signed a settlement of ConnectU’s suit against Facebook, ConnectU claims new evidence merits an end to that agreement.

Facebook And ConnectU Reach Settlement

As with most legal battles, the ConnectU suit against Facebook has begun to drag out: first filed in September 2004, the legal battle over who originally created the source code for Facebook is still ongoing. Last July, a Massachusetts Federal judge ruled that ConnectU needed concrete evidence to bring their suit.

Facebook-ConnectU Lawsuits May Be Settled

Since the terms of the settlement remain unknown – and indeed, the settlement doesn’t even seem to have occurred yet – it’s hard to say which side won.  But in any event, both Facebook and the founders of ConnectU appear ready to abandon their lawsuits.