Volkswagon Concept Hover Car Flys Through China

Volkswagon Concept Hover Car Flys Through China

By Richard Stalker May 10, 2012

Volkswagon has been at the forefront of automotive technology for years. Most recently it was the introduction of the fastest production car of all time Bugatti Veyron. Now they have the beginnings of a flying concept car. Not in the …

Blogging Pays Off With Camaro Concept

It’s a well-known fact that most bloggers toil away in obscurity, and that a lucky few manage to obtain all sorts of fame, money, and material goods (or a talented few – I don’t mean to slight anyone).  But, oh, what goods – Jalopnik’s Ray Wert recently got his hands on a Camaro convertible concept car.

SES: Search Supports Sitemaps Autodiscovery

Major search engines Ask, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo jointly announced at SES New York their support of a new feature that makes sitemaps more valuable to webmasters.

Google’s Accounts Concept Too Aggressive

I honestly don’t know *exactly* how they might have done things differently, but Google’s ubiquity is causing a major workflow nightmare for me, and I’m sure many other users.

Simple Question: Who Else Can Win?

I’ve been writing about companies who are committed to making a difference. I think the issue boils down to a very simple question: “Who else can win?”

Page Share – Web Analytic Concept

It’s been a theme lately on various blogs to discuss what’s coming next in web measurement, and my new work colleague Greg Yardley puts an interesting idea out there for a metric called page share.

ColdFusion/Spry Kit Proof of Concept

So – in case folks are curious – I now have both a dishwasher and the Internet back at my house. I feel like I’ve returned to the modern world. (Yes, I’m spoiled.)

Creative Discovery Comes To Search

It’s probably entirely appropriate that if a supercomputer is going to be set up to strive for creative answers to tough questions, that hardware will consist of Apple Xserve G5s.

Net Neutrality, Meet Jon Stewart

What does it take to for Net Neutrality to get national television coverage? It takes an asinine explanation of the Internet by the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. Was this picked up on NBC, Fox, CNN or another major news network? Nope. Comedy Central.

PR Community Action on Social Media Press Release

Whether journalists are ready or not for the social media press release, the PR community now has a great opportunity to thoroughly discuss the concept and try to get some traction with the whole idea of evolving the press release into something far more valuable than purely a vehicle for transmitting messages.

SAP enters SaaS market

Yesterday, the German enterprise software vendor SAP announced it is entering the hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with the expansion of its mySAP CRM offering to include a hosted option.

GM Videocasts New Concept Car

“What do you think of it?” asks General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz in a post yesterday on the GM FastLane Blog.

IBM’s UIMA Goes From Search To Concept

The reason why people are better at answering questions than search engines is due to people understanding the concept behind a question; while search engines do well on context, IBM sees concepts as the next great advance in search technology.

Structured Blogging Concept Shot Down

The short time it took for the idea of structured blogging to be brought back to Earth makes the 18-month timeframe of Moore’s Law look like a glacial epoch.

I Wonder Who Will Do Squidoo

Seth Godin will, that’s who; he’s started Squidoo and wants to share it with me and you, so click on through and on into the site he likes to call Squidoo.

Developing a Profitable Web Business Concept

The first step to starting a profitable online business of your own is developing a topic for your website.

IBM Offering New Search Concept

The technology firm plans to give away search solutions capable of sifting through concepts and facts in a corporate environment.