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To Shut Down Trolls, Site Asks Readers to Pay to Post Comments To Shut Down Trolls, Site Asks Readers to Pay to Post Comments

Would you pay money for the privilege of commenting on a website? If so, how much? An online magazine is looking to keep conversation on its articles “civilized and constructive” and has come up with the idea to charge readers …

Popular Science Disables Comments, Says They’re ‘Undermining Bedrock Scientific Doctrine’
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At what point do internet comments, whether they are civil or uncivil, begin to undermine the entire purpose of the site on which they are hosted? Whatever that point is, Popular Science has apparently reached it. In an article appearing …

Blogger Gives Commenters Faces
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Blogger has extended the comments feature it annoucned last year, which lets users embed comments and the commenting form below blog posts. The feature has been extended to display profile images next to comments that blog visitors write.

Social Media Resolutions

Today is the day for new year’s resolutions.  For most people, this means the inevitable pledges to get healthy, lose weight, work less and spend more time with family.  Like any good blogger, though, I have several social media resolutions for the new year.  In no particular order, here are my three big ones:

Blog Traffic from Commenting

Douglas A Karr provides two great examples of how to build traffic to your blog.

Strategic Commenting Can Build Blog Traffic

Amy Gahran offers an interesting guide to building blog traffic by implementing a strategic commenting campaign.

Microsoft Makes A Massive Buy

The in-game advertising technology startup Massive Incorporated will be acquired by an even more massive company, Microsoft.

AOL May Digg New Netscape Format

After tossing out a number of Netscape staffers, AOL could relaunch the site as a user-generated content destination built like the popular tech news website Digg.com.