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Mumps Outbreak Spreads Outside OSU Campus

The recent mumps outbreak on The Ohio State University’s campus has officially spilled into the general Franklin County area. Twenty-eight cases of mumps were documented in Columbus since the beginning of February, but had previously been limited to OSU students …

Juneteenth Shooting Investigation Yields Arrests
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For those who are unaware of what the Juneteenth celebration are about, it certainly supports a noble cause: Juneteenth is celebrated in over 250 cities nationally and recognized by 40 million African Americans as their freedom and Independence Day. Juneteenth …

Google Logo Honors Soviet Accomplishment

Sputnik was the first artificial satellite to achieve orbit.  It started off the great Space Race, and the United States and the Soviet Union both made amazing advances in those decades.  But Sputnik was, after all, a creation of the Soviet Union, and it’s frustrated some onlookers to see Google honor it.

Google Maps Takes On Public Transit Info
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If you ride some form of public transportation – be it subways, trains, or buses – you may know about Google Transit, which helps users “[c]reate your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps.”  That service worked just fine (within a few areas), but the search engine company now plans to incorporate much more information into Google Maps and Google Earth.

SEW Live – Marketers: Digg Is Done, YouTube Won
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Marketers should think twice before focusing on Digg.com to produce traffic. Search Engine Guide Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Laycock began her presentation at the Search Engine Strategies SEW Live one-day event in Columbus, OH, with that theme in mind.