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Here’s an Honest Music Festival Ad [VIDEO]

With Bonnaroo kicking off tomorrow, it’s important to remind you exactly what you’re paying for: Standing in long lines, waiting to be molested by security, having your drugs stolen, paying too much for food, and standing in a field – …

Coffee Town, CollegeHumor’s First Feature Film, Hits July 9th [VIDEO]

Longstanding internet forum and purveyor of viral content CollegeHumor has been working their way up to this moment for some time. Having produced more and more original content (shorts) over the past couple of years, CollegeHumor is ready to go …

Homeland RPG: Car Sex, PTSD Rage Punches, Claire Danes Cry Face, and More

It seems like everything is getting the retro treatment these days – popular TV shows included. Today’s latest 16-bit-it project is Showtime’s hit drama Homeland. The concept RPG, courtesy of CollegeHumor, starts off my letting you pump up your favorite …

CollegeHumor To Release Theatrical Film ‘Coffee Town’ CollegeHumor To Release Theatrical Film ‘Coffee Town’
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For those whose high school and college online time was spent on CollegeHumor, it might be hard to wrap your head around the idea of the site releasing a theatrical motion picture. However, that’s exactly what is happening, announced by …

Facebook Turns Down Beer Pong Challenge

Ahhh. The time killing game of beer pong. For those of you who have never played beer pong (or have so severely lost that you no longer remember playing), this is truly a game of wit and fortitude.

All you need to play is a ping pong ball, plenty of beer, and a few cups. Team up, take turns throwing the ping pong ball at your opponents cups (filled with beer of course), and every time you land in the cup the opposing team drinks the beer.