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Allison Williams Talks Sex Scenes, Likes Causing Discomfort

Allison Williams flew past fans on their TV screens during the Christmas season as the star of Peter Pan, and now she’s back–and talking about sex scenes. How might that make her dad, NBC News anchor Brian Williams feel? Clearly it doesn’t bother his daughter, as she admits to loving the sex scenes–even the awkward ones she plays on the …

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This Is How Dumb We Must Sound To Google

College Humor has put out a pretty humorous video pointing out how stupid search queries would sound if you spoke them aloud to a person. In this case, Google is a person, played by Brian Huskey (NSFW language). CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos Remember this next time you’re talking to Google Now.

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If You Posted That Stupid Facebook Copyright Status, You Deserve This Sarcastic Remonstration

By now, you’re probably aware that you can’t copyright your content with a Facebook status and you probably think that everyone who thinks so is the dumbest person you’ve ever known. But if you happen to have a friend who refuses to believe that magic isn’t real, you can show them this incredibly sarcastic breakdown of why their hollow legal …

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College Humor’s “Stoner Countdown” Honors 4/20

While the Twitter trends have moved onto other 4/20 anniversaries like Hitler’s birthday and the Columbine tragedy, the celebration surrounding today’s date, and the plant the celebration focuses on has not been pushed aside. There’s still weed-related content hitting the tubes, like the latest music video from CollegeHumor.com. Never one to overlook a particular date’s significance, College Humor has once …

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Doctor Who RPG Recounts the 11th Doctor’s Adventures

College Humor has released a parody video of what a Doctor Who RPG would look like, and I love it. It’s done in the style of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) as they appeared on the Super Nintendo. The clip recounts the adventures of actor Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, from the 10th Doctor’s regeneration all the way to…well, spoliers. These style …

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Skyrim Hoarders: You’re Not Going To Enchant That Necklace And You Might Have A Problem

I have a friend. Yeah let’s go with that, a friend, who can’t leave a single weapon, shield, book, potion, or article of clothing in a chest or on a table. If he sees it, it’s going in his inventory. Now, his character didn’t put a lot into his stamina trait and he doesn’t wear any boots or armor that …

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