Google Docs Makes Sharing Files Easier

Google Docs Makes Sharing Files Easier

By Chris Crum September 5, 2014

Google announced a new sharing experience for Google Docs aimed at making it easier to share your files with other people. You can still click the big “Share” button at the top of an open file lis usual, and you …

Google’s New Cloud Table Collaboration Experiment

Google has introduced a new Lab called Google Fusion Tables, which is described as "an experimental system for data management in the cloud." It allows users to upload tables of up to 100MB and share them with collaborators.

Google Sites: JotSpot Returns, Joins Apps
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Google wiki acquisition, JotSpot, returned to public view as part of Google Apps, with a new name and 10GB storage for free accounts.

Google Apps Picks Sides With Team Edition

Google opened a new version of its Apps service, with a catch that limits it to a workplace or a school by design.

KML/KMZ Collaboration Added to Google Maps
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Google added two new features to Google Maps: collaborative editing and importing of KML/ KMZ files.

Oracle and Web Conferencing

An article by Paul Krill in InfoWorld caught my eye. It covers a web conference given by Oracle the otther day in which company representatives made lots of references to enterprise collaboration under the term Enterprise 2.0 (following on from the current trend of overusing the phrase "Web 2.0").

Iran’s Google Block An “Error”

The rapidly spreading story about Iran’s censorship of Google and Gmail now has to compete with another story: that of Iran undoing the blocking at its ISPs.

Pownce: Collaboration From & at the Hip
At first glance, Kevin Rose of Digg’s new startup Pownce is Yet Another Status Message Service (YASMS) like Twitter, Jaiku or Plazes.  But really, its a collaboration app made for the most modern web.  It’s bound for adoption because the founders can drive word of mouth and its inherent virality.  And perhaps what it does is less important than the three trends it represents.

Kolabora on Co-Browsing

Robin Good has posted a dynamite explanation and review of co-browsing collaboration software on his Kolabora blog. Co-browsing is a limited form of synchronization between computers that simply gets both users to the same web page at the same time. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it may enable additional actions or forced synchronization once theweb page has been displayed.

SXSW: World Domination Via Collaboration

"Many companies are so focused on the goal of building a community in order to exploit it that they skip a crucial step that ultimately hurts their business plan: Collaborating with users/customers to build a product or experience that can dominate the market because it’s great. It is possible to strike that balance: Building community, maintaining credibility, meeting organizational objectives.Meet company leaders whose models are steeped in user collaboration — and who have been working on the ground level themselves."

Enterprise 2.0 in InformationWeek

The InformationWeek cover story is Enterprise 2.0, based on a survey of engagement:

 Despite the risks and problems, a solid minority of the 250 business technology pros surveyed by InformationWeek are behind this IT strategy push that has come to be known as Enterprise 2.0 (even if the overplayed 2.0 terminology makes some people wince). Nearly a third, 32%, describe their Web 2.0 strategies as fully engaged, our survey finds.

Lotus Makes The Collaboration Play

Information overload has led to communication being a chore in the workplace, but IBM thinks its latest goodies from the Lotus division will make work time more like play time.

Mamma Knows Best

Mamma.com and Pixsy Media Search Platform welcome the newest member of the family: a new video search engine.

Google Advertising Itself

It’s an occurrence nearly as old as AdWords; Google advertises its own sites on top of Google web search results.

The Office 2.0: Trading Cubicles For Smarter Collaboration

The first time I learned of the word c-o-l-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-i-o-n, was probably around…uh…I don’t know, maybe around the age of eight. My teacher had a tough time explaining its concept to me during a science project, “Kevin, collaboration is not making your partner do all the work while you tie his shoelaces to the chair!

JD Edwards, Red Hat, Oracle vs SAP Growth…

News on Applications Unlimited – Oracle’s plan to enhance JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel applications on an on-going basis.

Four Steps to Overcome Collaboration Obstacles

A thoughtful feature in the Financial Times discusses the question of why in-house collaboration in organizations is so difficult, with the consequent impact on effective working.