Mentions of Video Found in Instagram Code

Mentions of Video Found in Instagram Code

By Josh Wolford June 18, 2013

There’s a rumor floating around that Facebook is going to unveil video for Instagram at their upcoming event scheduled for Thursday, June 20th. It makes sense that Instagram would add video capabilities, considering the surge of the Twitter-owned Vine in …

New Rules of Breaking News, Beware of Embargoes

Part Four of a series discussing blogger relations, "Building a Bridge Between Your Story, Bloggers, and People."

Security Around the Gphone & Iphone

With the open handset alliance, the scrutiny for Linux based cell phone operating systems is once again something that security engineers need to think about.

Gmail Code Hints At Upcoming Features

Ionut Alex found evidence in the source code for the newest version of Gmail that hints at features we may be receiving soon.

He found code for Jabber transports, which would allow contacting people from other instant messaging networks over Google Talk/Chat’s Jabber connection, which makes sense given the fact that Gmail’s new contact manager asks for Yahoo, MSN and AIM usernames now.

Google Checkout & Gmail Updates

I was browsing through the Google Blogs using my Yahoo Pipe and noticed that there have been a couple pieces of cool news item floating around at the the Gmail and Google Checkout blogs.

MySpace Platform To Launch At Web 2.0?

If you dislike Facebook’s many apps, now would be a good time to unplug your computer; reports indicate that MySpace may soon launch a platform encouraging developers to give it some attention, too.

AskCity – Embedded Maps, Re-Routing & Zip Code Search

Ask.com’s AskCity, their business search product, has added the ability to share maps by embedding them in a website, just like Google Maps did 20 days ago*.

Jeopardy, Google Announce Contest Winner

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Jeopardy, but it seems like $25,000 was about as much as a person was likely to win in a single show.  And now Shirley Seaman has won that amount after participating in “the first-ever Jeopardy! Google Daily Challenge.”

Google Disappears Facebook Code Blog

When Google-owned Blogger sends you a Digital Millennium Copyright Act take-down notice, at least they’re polite about it and liberally use the word "alleged." But they only ask once, as the person who posted Facebook’s source code on his Blogspot blog learned.

Google Asked by Facebook to Remove Leaked Code Blog

I guarantee that if you submit a DMCA request to Google–the one you use to request copyrighted material is removed–you won’t get the same rapid response Facebook just got.

Facebook Source Code Sees The Light Of Day

For Facebook, it wasn’t a great way to start the weekend – the site’s home page source code was posted online for all to see.  On the bright side, data belonging to Facebook’s many users appears to be completely safe and unaffected.

Google Starts Shared Storage Service
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Google users can boost their available storage for Gmail and Picasa Web Albums to as much as 250GB for an annual fee.

Do Bloggers Need To Unionize?
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There have always been pro-union people and anti-union people, and you can usually guess who’s what depending on their individual caste. In this case, though it carries with it the same arguments, it will have to be decided first if an industry has emerged from nebulous existence and into a viable, thriving industry.

Turning Content Into a Valuable Keyword List
One of the comments on the article I wrote for Wordtracker mentioned WordsFinder, which allows you to create a list of keywords from a piece of content. Their tool uses the Yahoo! Term Extraction Tool, and also provides a few additional keywords next to the results.

Three other easy ways to get similar information are

Google Offers Investments For Gadgeteers

A new program called Google Gadget Ventures, launched by the search advertising company, will hand out grants and seed investments to worthy gadget writers.

Developing At Google: Podcasts And Code Sessions

Some developer-oriented news items emerged from Google about their forthcoming Developer Day, and a pair of new podcasts just for fans of code.

Rose Hands Over Digg Control

If you read our coverage of the Digg revolt yesterday, you already know that users were fighting Digg’s decision to remove a story that contained a decryption code for HD-DVDs.