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Elin Nordegren Is Reportedly Getting Serious With New Boyfriend

Elin Nordegren may be forever famous as the ex-wife of Tiger Woods with emphasis on the “ex” after she split up with the pro-golfer following revelations that he was cheating on her with several other women. While she may never …

Eskom, S. Africa’s Power Utility, Imposes Blackouts

Thursday morning in South Africa, Eskom, the state-owned power utility which provides 95 percent of the country’s energy supplies, declared a power emergency for the entire country. This is the fourth such emergency to be declared since the beginning of …

Coal Ash Spill Now Subject To Criminal Probe

The Associated Press is now reporting that the coal ash spill into a North Carolina river is now the subject of a federal investigation. The spill, which was discovered on February 2nd, resulted in tons of toxic materials seeping into …

China: Smog Chokes Chinese Manchuria, as Overpopulated Asian Giant Burns Coal

Vast areas of China’s north-east were choking in smog on Monday, as the Asian giant grappled with yet another horrendous air pollution crisis threatening millions of lives. Schools and colleges were forced to suspend classes in Chinese Manchuria’s largest cities, …

Greenpeace Asks Facebook To Unfriend Coal
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Greenpeace is putting more pressure on Facebook to persuade the company to stop using coal to power its data centers. Greenpeace is calling on Facebook to “unfriend” coal by Earth Day on April 22. The Greenpeace Unfriend Coal Facebook page …

Google Says Goodbye To Coal, Creates R&D Group

Google wants to save the world, and the company isn’t going about it in a halfhearted manner; according to a new announcement, Google will put hundreds of millions of dollars towards “a new strategic initiative to develop electricity from renewable energy sources that will be cheaper than electricity produced from coal.”

Canary in Coal Mine VS. Boy Who Cried Wolf
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Back in September I posted that I thought it was somewhat sketchy for Google to recommend there photo search when a person searched for Istockphoto and got flamed for it.

iPod In Google Maps Or Not

This looks funnier than it is, what appears a lot like an iPod in Google Maps.