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Elin Nordegren Is Reportedly Getting Serious With New Boyfriend

Elin Nordegren may be forever famous as the ex-wife of Tiger Woods with emphasis on the “ex” after she split up with the pro-golfer following revelations that he was cheating on her with several other women. While she may never be able to escape that part of her life, the former model is definitely looking to put it all behind …

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Eskom, S. Africa’s Power Utility, Imposes Blackouts

Thursday morning in South Africa, Eskom, the state-owned power utility which provides 95 percent of the country’s energy supplies, declared a power emergency for the entire country. This is the fourth such emergency to be declared since the beginning of 2014. However, this marks the first time Eskom has had to resort to rolling blackouts, or load shedding, since 2008. …

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Coal Ash Spill Now Subject To Criminal Probe

The Associated Press is now reporting that the coal ash spill into a North Carolina river is now the subject of a federal investigation. The spill, which was discovered on February 2nd, resulted in tons of toxic materials seeping into the nearby Dan River. Somehow the coal ash had managed to escape a Duke Energy containment basin. The company waited …

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China: Smog Chokes Chinese Manchuria, as Overpopulated Asian Giant Burns Coal

Vast areas of China’s north-east were choking in smog on Monday, as the Asian giant grappled with yet another horrendous air pollution crisis threatening millions of lives. Schools and colleges were forced to suspend classes in Chinese Manchuria’s largest cities, including the culturally rich metropolis of Harbin. Road traffic was paralyzed as visibility was drastically compromised, while local airports were …

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