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Many Still Fooled by Spam

This is an off-topic post that I felt could not be missed. The Register wrote today about a type of email spam that is extremely common and rather obvious BUT surprisingly it appears some Internet users are still falling for it.

The article is worth the read if you have any concerns about what emails to read or not to read.

The Never Ending Spam War

If you’ve noticed a sudden upsurge in spam email in the UK recently, offering sex, stock tips, genuine fake Rolexes and the usual pharmacopia, it could be the result of criminal gangs using hijacked computers, says a Reuters report

Email Catchup and Blackberries

One of the things that’s a real chore when you get back from a trip is catching up with email. I got back late last night from a 3-day trip to the UK and encountered 248 emails when I turned on my PC this morning.

PayPal Teams with Cloudmark to Prevent Fraud

The Anti-fraud component of Cloudmark’s new SafetyBar solution will be offered to PayPal users free of charge.