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Britain’s UFO Desk Shuttered: Little Girl to Blame?

Over 4,000 pages of documents recently released by the UK’s Ministry of Defense explain why the MoD opted to close its UFO hotline in December 2009. The Ministry claimed that the UFO desk offered “no [military] benefit” and that, in more than 50 years of operation, nothing that had come across the desk to indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life …

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Zynga Shuts Down Draw Something Developer OMGPOP

In March of last year, Zynga made one of its most high profile acquisitions in OMGPOP. The studio was responsible for Draw Something – one of the most popular mobile games of last year. Soon after, Zynga began to fall apart with share prices sliding, a number of high profile departures and its investment in Draw Something proving to be …

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Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels All Current Projects

LucasArts, the game publisher and developer subsidiary of LucasFilm, was shut down today by its new overlords at Disney. The brand will remain as the company will look to licensing its crop of franchises out to other developers, but the development staff has been let go. Projects currently being worked on at the studio, like Star Wars 1313, have also …

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Wikia Search Takes Leave Of Abscence

Jimmy Wales announced a few days ago, the closure of Wikia Search due to the ongoing economic recession. Wikia Search was designed with the primary purpose to allow users determine the rankings of sites and pages for all other users.

Wales summed up the decision like this,

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