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Congrats, Racist Stripper, You’re About to Be a YouTube Star!

There are plenty of disturbing things about the video you’re about to watch. The most obvious and shocking is the blatant racism on display, and the casual nature at which the woman in the video, clearly very upset, slings the word “n*gger” like it’s nothing. There’s also the issue of the passerbys to consider–most of which decide that they aren’t …

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James Gandolfini’s Death Prompted This Questionable Facebook Post from Amazon

Good intentions gone horribly wrong? A callous attempt to generate sales from the death of an icon? Or a simple mistake by some social media guy? Whatever the case, some people aren’t very happy with Amazon right now. As you probably heard, well-respected actor James Gandolfini, best known for his masterful portrayal of conflicted mob boss Tony Soprano in HBO’s …

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