CitySearch Launches Daily Deals Aggregator

CitySearch Launches Daily Deals Aggregator

By Chris Crum February 15, 2011 | 7 Comments

Taking advantage of all the buzz about daily deals, CitySearch has taken it upon itself to provide a convenient way for user to check out available deals from one spot (an iPhone or Android app). 

Citysearch Launches Cityseries iPad App

There’s no shortage of iPad app announcements flying out of the press rooms. You can include Citysearch in the mix. The company has introduced an iPad App called Cityseries.

"The cityseries app will offer users the great Citysearch editorial content they’ve come to know and love, with an innovative digital magazine format built specifically for the iPad," a Citysearch representative tells WebProNews.

Features include:

Citysearch Has New Way for Local Businesses to Advertise

Citysearch recently announced a set of APIs to make all of Citysearch’s local listings content and advertising available to other Websites and mobile apps. It’s called CityGrid. Today, the company announced an online advertising solution called CityGrid Complete, as an extension of that.

MySpace and Citysearch Become Partners

MySpace is still huge despite not getting the degree of attention that other social media outlets get. myspaceAccording to Compete.com from January ’09 it slipped to second behind Facebook when ranked by number of monthly visits.

MySpace Teams Up With CitySearch for MySpace Local

MySpace announced a partnership with Citysearch today to launch MySpace Local. This is a social directory of small business profiles, where users can review, rate, and share content from businesses across the US.

CitySearch To Increase Mobile And Social Features

citysearchLocal review site Citysearch has announced an overhaul to its mobile and web sites. Now in beta, Mobile by Citysearch adds enhanced features for mobile users, and the new website integrates more local and social aspects.

Citysearch Accused Of Encouraging Click Fraud
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IAC’s Citysearch.com picked up a lawsuit accusing it of ignoring and even helping to generate illicit clicks on ads placed on the local search site.

AOL, Citysearch Hook Up Locally

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to get together, which AOL and IAC’s Citysearch will do with local content and advertising.

Google Maps Notices Missing Citysearch Content

Some time ago, a number of Citysearch reviews disappeared from Google Maps, and a sort of update has now occurred.  A quick summary: Google is not mad at Citysearch (or its parent company, IAC), but resolving the issue doesn’t appear to be a top priority, either.

Local Search Sites Past Peak

Whether it’s because of consolidation and pressure from above (Google, Yahoo, etc.), or too much competition from one another, including newer upstarts, traffic to key local search sites appears to have peaked about two years ago.

(Disclaimer: I know Alexa isn’t 100% accurate, but above the 5,000 rank it’s probably roughly accurate.)

Food Fans Have Taste For Online Reviews

Going out to eat should be a pleasant experience. But what do you do when want to find out more about a local restaurant? More than a third of adults have researched online about a restaurant they had not visited before, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2006 research.

Citysearch Reviews Deal For Insider Pages

A reviews-based local search company that had not fared well in the battle for eyeballs will become part of IAC’s Citysearch.

Insider Pages will be on the move, as they give up their Redwood City offices in favor of IAC’s four walls. Citysearch will plug in Insider Pages’ user reviews of local businesses, and have over a million of them to offer visitors.

Friendster Makes A New CEO Friend From CitySearch

Taek Kwon, currently vice president of product and technology at CitySearch.com, takes over Friendster’s executive office on June 13.

Ask Jeeves Teams With Citysearch

Ask Jeeves and Citysearch today announced a partnership agreement. Under the agreement, Ask Jeeves, Inc. will license Citysearch’s local content and business data to help power Smart Search results for local searches on Ask Jeeves.

Overture To Launch Local Search Ads

Yesterday’s Piper Jaffray Technology Conference saw Overture discussing its plan for the near future with its search engine advertising business. Among the items discussed by Overture’s General Manager David Karnstedt was the introduction of its local search product this quarter.

Citysearch Search Engine Secures Deal With Overture

Citysearch, an engine for local searches in cities in the United States and abroad, has signed a deal with Yahoo-owned Overture to integrate Overture’s sponsored search listings. These listings will appear in areas where Citysearch has available ad inventory such as home services, professional services, and medical specialists.

Yahoo! Ahead In Local Search Race

Yahoo officially launched SmartView Tuesday, moving still farther ahead of Google in the race for local search.

SmartView adds functionality and a wider choice to Yahoo’s old “maps” page. Type in your zip code in the form on the top left of the page and a map of your neighborhood pops up.