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Robot Cockroach Produces Its Own Power Robot Cockroach Produces Its Own Power
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I think we can all agree that cockroaches are pretty gross. Science has always stuck up for the disgusting vermin and are once again championing the little guys as the first step towards cyborgs. Science has found a way, according …

Every Breath You Take, Every Tweet You Make, The CIA’s Watching You Every Breath You Take, Every Tweet You Make, The CIA’s Watching You

As you read this, a team of highly trained covert operatives are performing high tech espionage – from behind computer screens somewhere in Virginia. The folks at the CIA’s Open Source Center are busy gathering social media data from all …

LulzSec Takes Down CIA.gov, Hacking Simply for Enjoyment LulzSec Takes Down CIA.gov, Hacking Simply for Enjoyment

The hacker group LulzSec, famous for their gaming community hacks, is moving on to bigger targets. While the group has claimed responsibility for hacks and data dumps against Sony, Bethesda, and Nintendo in the past, they recently went after the …

Chilling Flaws In U.S. Terrorist Database
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The U.S. federal government’s terrorist database is severely hampered by technology issues and the estimated half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding to upgrade the system is on the brink of collapse, according to a congressional committee.

The "Railhead" program was created to improve the terrorist watch list and enhance the integration of U.S. terrorist intelligence from the nations 16 separate intelligence agencies. The majority of more than 800 private contractors from dozens of companies working on Railhead have been laid off.

Google Working Closely With Intelligence Agencies
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The major intelligence agencies in the U.S. have turned to Google to help them better share and process information they have on security threats.

When Spies Do Search

The Central Intelligence Agency launched CIA Wire, a service that will help users of the Library of National Intelligence sift through available information from participating agencies.

Join Facebook, Become A CIA Operative

Social networking has become the hip new platform for many professionals such as marketers, musicians, writers, tech evangelists, and a multitude of others. It seems that now the U.S. Government has taken notice of social networks and their recruitment potential.

Searching Through The CIA

The Freedom of Information Act has enabled many people to request previously classified documents from federal agencies. Few agencies elicit as much interest from individuals as does the Central Intelligence Agency.

Google Buys Swiss Mapping Company

Google continues its pattern of omnigooglization in Europe by acquiring the Internet, mapping and data processing units of Switzerland-based Endoxon, for an undisclosed sum.

Debunking Matt Cutts

The Google Toolbar doesn’t fuel Google’s index, nor is Google working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, even if Google did buy Keyhole, once backed by In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm.

Will the Google CIA Story Gain Legs?

Notice how stories get passed along in the word-of-mouth networks. Here Karel leaves a link in my comments. That leads to his blog, which is asking is Google in bed with the CIA, which leads to Michael Hampton’s blog, with even more info on this.

Google Working with the CIA?

Nothing like some conspiracy to start off your working day.

The CIA Tracking Blogs

It seems that big business are not the only ones interested in tracking online blogs, the CIA has launched an initiative to track the blogosphere.

CEO Of CIA VC Firm Resigns

In-Q-Tel, a venture capital company associated with the CIA and other components of the espionage world, saw its CEO Amit Yoran resign after just four months on the job.

Worm Sobers Up FBI, CIA

The ever-popular Sober worm is making the rounds again in a new and exciting format. The ugly little worm is circulating through email and it looks all nice and official because someone is receiving email from either the FBI or the CIA. Many may ask what they’ve done wrong to warrant attention from the FBI or CIA. Nothing much really you just happen to have an email account.

CIA Leaks Google Shares

As Google stock approaches $400 per share, the Central Intelligence Agency has decided to get while the getting is good. The CIA’s venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, announced a plan sale of Google stock on November 4th.

CIA War Games Simulate Electronic Assault

The three day wargames will be an attempt to duplicate a massive online assault against American interests.