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Google Tone Lets You Share Links with Sound

Google’s latest Chrome experiment is equal parts cool, possibly annoying, fun, first-world problem solving, and pointless. Ok, maybe not equal parts. It’s probably a combination of fun and annoying – depending on who’s using it. If you’ve ever wanted to send links to your co-workers with sound, now is your chance. Say hello to Tone: “As digital devices have multiplied, …

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Google’s New Chrome Experiment is ‘Hobbit’-Branded

Throughout the past two years, Google has been releasing its “Chrome Experiments” showcasing what its web browser and HTML 5 are capable of. Past experiments have included a variety of topics and games, including star charts, skee ball, and multiplayer air hockey. Today Google revealed its latest Chrome Experiment, a partnership with Warner Bros. for a look at Tolkien’s Middle-earth …

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Google Launches ‘Roll It’ Skee Ball Game For Chrome

Google has introduced a new Chrome Experiment called Roll It. It’s essentially a skee ball game that you can control with your phone as you play on your computer. To play, you touch your phone’s screen to aim, and swing it to roll the ball. With one phone, you can have up to three players. You don’t have to have …

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Turn Sites into Playable Mazes with New Chrome Experiment

Since the NCAA tournament started today and we know you’re not doing any real work anyway, how about a fun little game to waste more of your time? A new Chrome Experiment lets you turn almost any site into a giant, 3D maze that you can play. You get to control a marble and direct it around the site maze, …

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