Turn Sites into Playable Mazes with New Chrome Experiment

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Since the NCAA tournament started today and we know you're not doing any real work anyway, how about a fun little game to waste more of your time?

A new Chrome Experiment lets you turn almost any site into a giant, 3D maze that you can play.

You get to control a marble and direct it around the site maze, picking up little blue crystals for points. You have a time limit, and a limited amount of lives.

What's really cool is that you can sync your mobile device and play with your phone as a controller. You can connect Chrome on mobile to Chrome on your PC using Android 4.0 or greater or iOS 5.

Or, you can just play using your arrow keys. Either way, it's pretty fun. Definitely more fun than actual work.

Just visit chrome.com/maze to start playing. Shhh...we won't tell anyone.

[Google Chrome Japan via Gizmodo]
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