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Politics and the Internet: The Relationship Is Growing
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In 2008, politics changed in a big way. This change was driven by the impact that the Internet and social media had on the Presidential election. Since that time, this same influence has been evidenced all across the world such as with the protests in the Middle East.

What Google Acquiring Groupon Would Mean For Both Companies
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Update:  Groupon has reportedly rejected Google’s offer.

Skrenta Cedes CEO Role At Topix

VP of marketing Chris Tolles will take Rich Skrenta’s CEO job running news-aggregating site Topix, with Skrenta taking over management of the Topix board of directors.

Chris Tolles’ Pubcon Summary

Chris Tolles, co-founder of Topix.net, offers a brilliant summary of Pubcon, including a comparison between this and something like Web 2.0. Could Tolles be the ultimate hybrid? A well-versed attendee/sponsor of both conferences, who totally “gets it”?