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iPhone 5s Available for Pre-Order in China iPhone 5s Available for Pre-Order in China

On the heels of Apple announcing on Sunday a partnership with China Mobile to sell the iPhone in that country, pre-orders for the iPhone 5s and 5c were made available on Christmas day in the Middle Kingdom. China Mobile commenced …

iPhone To China – Big Boost to Apple iPhone To China – Big Boost to Apple
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Apple has signed an iPhone deal with China Mobile. “China is an extremely important market for Apple,” Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, said in a statement. Cook continued – “Our partnership with China Mobile presents us the opportunity to bring …

China Has 15 Million iPhone Users China Has 15 Million iPhone Users

China Mobile has announced that there are now 15 million iPhone users in that country, up 5 million since last October, according to Sina Tech. That is roughly 35,000 new iPhones being activated per day – which is interesting because …

Google Sidelined In China Yet Again
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Imagine any sort of sports team trying to come from behind in a 77-17 game.  Now, imagine that the losing team’s players get sidelined every so often for no apparent reason.  This appears to be analogous to Google’s situation as the search giant’s properties were blocked again in China. 

China Mobile Walks From iPhone Deal

Many sources around the Internet have been following the story behind China Mobile and Apple regarding the introduction of the iPhone, however today it has been reported that China Mobile has walked away from negotiations.

Google And China.com Expand Partnership

China.com, an Internet service provider has signed advertising deals with Google and China Mobile in an effort to expand its partnerships.

Google and China Mobile Team Up

China Mobile and Google have announced a partnership aimed at providing mobile and Internet search services in China. They will provide Chinese Mobile users with mobile search products and services in order to find relevant content on their cellular phones.