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Biologist Discovers New Species of Tick… Up Nose

ScienceDaily reported that American biologist Tony Goldberg regularly travels to Kibale National Park in western Uganda to watch how infectious diseases travel throughout the wilds, but something he did not anticipate was finding an undiscovered species of tick up his nose. A Wisconsin native and familiar with his local tick population, he’d never heard of anyone having a tick in …

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Charla Nash’s Lawsuit Gets Thrown Out

Charla Nash, known for surviving a vicious attack from a chimpanzee, one so severe, it required Nash to undergo complete facial reconstructive surgery. Nash’s story has returned to the newscycle a couple times. First, after her appearance on Oprah, which gave us an idea just how lucky she was to survive her ordeal; and again when she appeared on the …

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Captive Chimps May Soon Get Endangered Species Protections

If a recent proposal is finalized, captive chimpanzees will be given an extra layer of protection – the same afforded to their wild counterparts. As of right now, only wild chimpanzees are considered an “endangered” species. Captive chimps, on the other hand, are simply listed as “threatened.” A new proposal from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service looks to change …

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