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Google Adds Chat to Translator Kit
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Google announced today that it has released chat in the Google Translator Toolkit.

"Collaboration is an important part of translation," says Kartik Singh, Software Engineer for the Translator Toolkit. "Whether you work with editors to translate documents, customers to clarify terms or project managers to meet deadlines, working with other translators is key to making high-quality translations."

Google Brings Video/Voice Chat to Your Home Page
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Google now has a video chat application that can be used from your iGoogle home page. This is just the latest feature Google has added to its ever-growing list of products/features that make it more like a giant social network.

Google Promoting Gmail Voice and Video Chat
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Update: Google has mysteriously added a little promotion to its homepage for "new" gmail voice and video chat. This original article is from November, so unless I’m missing something, it’s not exactly a new featue. I guess they just want to give it some attention. I haven’t seen any new Google blog posts about it or anything:

Facebook Takes Friend Lists to the Chat Window
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Earlier this month, Facebook showed off its new friends page and the ability to create friends lists to organize your friends into separate groups. For example, I could have people from my high school in one list, and my co-workers in another.

Facebook Apps Get More Social with Chat

Facebook has launched the ability to let users chat within applications on Facebook. This keeps applications within the social network even more social.

If a developer uses the new fb:chat-invite FBML tag, they can display a list of users’ online friends and let them invite their friends to chat. Developers can also give users the freedom to choose which friends they want to appear in their chat lists within the apps.

Chatting from Your Google Homepage
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Gmail chat has come to iGoogle. This means users will be able to chat with their friends and associates without leaving the comfort of their Google homepage.

The feature is not a gadget like most of your iGoogle features. The chat feature comes in the form of a sidebar and resides below the left-hand navigation menu.

Yahoo Mail Classic Gets Chatty
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Yahoo announced that it now offers an SMS chat feature in its classic version of Yahoo Mail, something Gmail has been offering for several months, and Yahoo has been doing in its newer version since 2007.

Google has offered SMS in its chat since October, and Chat in general for quite some time. They have also launched voice and video chat recently.

Watch Videos in Your Gmail Chat
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Google has added a new feature to Gmail, which allows users to watch videos within their chat windows. This eliminates the need to leave your Gmail window when someone sends you one.

Meebo Brings MySpace and Facebook Together
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Instant messaging and group chat provider Meebo is now allowing users to communicate with each other through both MySpace and Facebook IDs as well as all the other ones previously supported, like AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Jabber, ICQ, etc.

Text Messaging Available In Gmail Chat
If you live in the US and are a user of Gmail’s chat service then you now have access to a pretty cool feature which allows you to send text messages right through the chat window!

We’re just trying it out for cell phones in the United States right now, but you can send texts to your friends with US phone numbers from anywhere in the world.

Text Messaging Right From Gmail
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Gmail has introduced a new Labs feature that allows users to send SMS text messaages to their contacts directly from Gmail. This will help stay in touch with people you have been chatting with in Gmail if they are away from their computer.

To utilize this feature:

1. Click on Settings
2. Got to the Labs tab
3. Scroll down until you see "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat"
4. Select Enable
5. Save Changes

Meebo and Universal to Put Fans in Touch with Musicians
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Universal Music Group and instant messaging and group chat provider Meebo have partnered up to offer an interactive experience between users and musicians. If you are not familiar with Meebo, it allows users to sign in through other services like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN Web Messenger.

Userplane Opens Up Chat
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AOL’s social software provider Userplane updated its Chat App so that users can access it from any open platform social network. In English, that means users can chat across social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Ning, Bebo, and others.

Facebook Chat Launches Gradually

Facebook is gradually launching its new chat feature, the social network announced over the weekend via the Facebook Blog.

Facebook’s IM application appears as a chat bar at the bottom of your browser and does not require installation.  The chat bar gives users access to current chat windows, online friends list, notifications, chat settings, and online status.