Peter Oppenheimer To Retire From Apple In September

Peter Oppenheimer To Retire From Apple In September

By Zach Walton March 4, 2014

It’s rare to see departures from Apple on the executive level, but they do happen. In fact, Apple’s longtime SVP and CFO is retiring this year. Apple announced today that Peter Oppenheimer, its senior vice president and CFO, will be …

Google Still On CFO Hunt

Roughly three months ago, we learned that Google’s chief financial officer, George Reyes, intended to retire.  It looks like Reyes will be working through the holidays, however, as the search giant still hasn’t found a replacement for him.

Napster’s CFO Set To Leave

If the CFO of a highly successful company were to quit for “personal reasons,” an eyebrow or two might need to be raised.  But Nand Gangwani, the CFO of Napster, is stepping down, and, well, there you have it.

Microsoft’s CFO Discusses Facebook Investment

Chris Liddell, who serves as Microsoft’s chief financial officer, has defended the idea of spending $240 million on a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook.  His comments aren’t likely to reverse critics’ stances, however.

Chris Liddell

Google CFO George Reyes Announces Retirement
Google CFO To Pop Golden Parachute

George Reyes announced he will retire as chief financial officer of Google by the end of 2007.

Microsoft, Look to Krugle for Your Search Woes

It’s just amazing to me that Microsoft has continued with a failed search strategy, even after it’s apparent to EVERYONE (including Microsoft’s CFO) that what they are doing isn’t working.

Yahoo! Shake Up – COO, CFO Out

Rumor has been circulating this afternoon regarding a major corporate announcement from Yahoo! Many speculated that CEO Terry Semel would resign, others thought Yahoo! might announce the long rumored acquisition of Facebook.

Yahoo Search Execs Blast CFO Comments

One may feel sorry for Yahoo CFO Susan Decker, whose comments in an interview regarding Yahoo’s place in the search world, ie second to Google, have generated a heated response in the Yahoo Search Blog. Maybe Decker’s comments in her chat with Bloomberg were taken out of context, as some bloggers have suggested.

Google Brings Ex-Pixar CFO On Board

The search advertising company appointed Ann Mather to its board of directors, and made her chairperson for Google’s Audit Committee.

BMC Software CFO Steps Down

George Harrington has resigned as the chief financial officer of BMC Software, but will stay with the company for an interim period to assist the transition.

Microsoft Plucks CFO From International Paper

Starting May 9, Microsoft will have a new chief financial officer, and man in that position is Chris Liddell from International Paper.

Microsoft To Get CFO From International Paper

International Paper’s CFO is leaving the company to become the CFO for Microsoft starting May 9.

Yahoo CFO: The Sky Wasn’t Falling

Yahoo’s Susan Decker talks to TheStreet.com about the robustness of the search advertising market.

Abercrombie & Fitch CFO Leaves Company

Abercrombie & Fitch announced that Susan J. Riley resigned as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer effective April 15, 2005 for family reasons and to return to her home in New York City.

Former Boeing CFO to Do Time

For taking part in illegally recruiting a top Air Force official, former Boeing CFO, Michael Sears was sentenced to 4 months in prison and a fine of $250,000.

WorldCom CFO Points the Finger at Ebbers

As the trial continued, former WorldCom CFO Scott Sullivan continued to claim that Bernie Ebbers was the mastermind behind the company’s accounting scandal.