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DreamForce Keynote – Cisco CEO John Chambers

This week I am attending my very first Salesforce conference (DreamForce) and must admit it’s one of the largest conferences I have ever been to. Apparently there are over 7,000 people attending this conference and the Moscone Conference Center is a perfect venue to accommodate that many attendees.

Six Apart Gets New CEO

A Google search for “Barak Berkowitz” still takes you to Six Apart’s management profiles page, but to find the man, you’ve got to scroll down a good deal farther than before.  Berkowitz is now Six Apart’s advisor, not its CEO; that role has been assumed by Chris Alden.

A Chat with AMD’s CEO

On Monday AMD announced a new chip. Code-named “Barcelona.”

LookSmart CTO Follows CEO Out Door
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I’d be surprised to see a single boulder fall; one would expect some other rocks to accompany it.  And now, in a business sense, that expectation has come true; about five weeks after LookSmart’s CEO resigned, the company’s CTO has followed suit.

Is The FCC Blocking Wireless Competition?

With the nationwide expansion of fiber-optic wiring and digital delivery at the turn of the century, the federal government reclaimed and is still reclaiming large amounts of spectrum. Much of it, according to a former government official, has remained unused for seven years, and he blames the Federal Communications Commission for stifling competition in the wireless space.

SES – Lee’s Day 2 Wrap Up
Test: How many geeks (and proud of it) in this picture?

Sphinn Meetup

SES – Keynote: Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone
Tuesday’s SES’s keynote was with Jim Lanzone of Ask. He talked briefly about the past, present and future of Ask.com.

Technorati CEO Stepping Down

Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, announced today on the Technorati blog that he’s stepping down from his post. He states:

Sifry Out As Technorati CEO

David Sifry will remain chairman, but the top-end management duties have been passed to a trio of executives while the blog search site continues to search for a CEO.

LookSmart CEO Hits The Eject Button

President and CEO David Hills has jumped ship from the company, citing a desire to start another business.

Eminem, YouTube Give Apple Some Bad Joojoo
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It’s been kind of a rocky month for Apple, the iPhone, and for AT&T as a lot of people have lined up to take shots at them. Who and what for? Rapper Eminem is one of the bigger names, who joins another in misplaced copyright infringement claims, while rumors, hype, and hidden costs plague the minds (and pocketbooks) of others.

Web-based IM That “Sticks” to Desktop

I’m not a heavy IM user anymore, so not sure Velvet Puffin’s Web-based instant messaging service will really take off the way that R. Chandrasekar is hoping it will (most of my IM traffic has gone to Twitter or Pownce) but it did do something worthy of note: You sign in with your Web browser and you get an IM client that looks like it’s part of the Web page.

Close the browser, though, and the IM client sticks around.

Veoh Names Former Yahoo Exec CEO

Internet Television company Veoh has named Steve Mitgang as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Wiki Company Wants New CEO
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Some CEOs are forced out.  Some CEOs quit.  But I’ve never seen a CEO do quite what Ross Mayfield, the CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, is doing; Mayfield is advertising for his successor.  Chalk the odd move up to Socialtext’s position as “the leading enterprise wiki.”

Google Cracking Under Pressure from Viacom?

It’s interesting to follow the Viacom lawsuit against Google. While Google’s faced many legal challenges before, it appears Viacom’s is the one that is troubling the search engine. It’s somewhat out of character to see Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk ugly about a company that is suing them – Google tends to comment via legal counsel – and it suggests the suit is a worry to him.

Google CEO Critical Of Viacom

Google CEO Eric Schmidt criticized media giant Viacom today while speaking with reporters at a hotel bar at the 25th Allen & Co. moguls meeting.

Yahoo Concludes Right Media Acquisition

Yahoo is now $650 million poorer, but that’s all right – it’s only a side effect of the Right Media acquisition having been completed.

FTC Angered By CEO’s Yahoo Forum Posts
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The Federal Trade Commission would like to scuttle the proposed takeover of Wild Oats Markets by Whole Foods, and will point to anonymous Yahoo Finance forum posts by Whole Foods’ CEO as a reason to do so.

Media Giants Threatened By Web 2.0?

Two years ago, after YouTube had taken the Internet by storm, InterActiveCorp CEO Barry Diller scoffed at the idea that an amateur video-sharing site could threaten the entertainment industry.

Skrenta Cedes CEO Role At Topix

VP of marketing Chris Tolles will take Rich Skrenta’s CEO job running news-aggregating site Topix, with Skrenta taking over management of the Topix board of directors.

Google Could Be Major Publisher
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Google could at any time try its hand in the publishing industry according to a report by Outsell developed with GGReport titled "Google as a Publisher: Is Google Poised for a New Push into the Information Industry?"

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