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Jennifer Hudson Talks Fitness, New Toned Physique And New Album

Jennifer Hudson has been turning heads quite a bit lately! Of course, fans were well aware of her weight loss achievements, but no one really knew how much work she put in until she shared a bathing suit photo collage …

Chaz Bono: 65 lbs. Lost, “Feeling Really Good”
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Last month, Chaz Bono revealed that he had lost 60 pounds in about five months. The weight loss was due, Bono said, to the help of a doctor and a change in eating habits. The former Dancing With The Stars …

Contestants Angry Over “Biggest Loser”, Twitter Reaction Contestants Angry Over “Biggest Loser”, Twitter Reaction
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Recently NBC announced a secret twist on their hit show, ‘Biggest Loser’ where celebrities compete to see who can shed the most excess pounds. The show’s producers leaked word that it may allow previous contestants to return to the show …