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Kris Jenner Defends Kendall Jenner, Slams Waitress

Kris Jenner has jumped from ‘momager’ to ‘Momma Bear’ mode and is rushing to the defense of daughter Kendall Jenner. Kendall was recently accused of having left a restaurant without paying her tab. A New York waitress named Blaine Morris supposedly chased after Jenner, claiming that when she did cough up the cash, she did so in a most unkind …

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TorrentFreak Threatened With Comcast Lawsuit For Reporting News

What are your options if you don’t like what someone says about you online? Ignoring it is one option that seems to go unpracticed now that the Internet has given everyone who has a connection a public forum to voice their opinion. In the case of corporations, however, it appears as if the preferred strategy for silencing online criticism is …

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Best Buy Needs A Sense of Humor Concerning NewEgg

Apparently, making fun of your competitors, without calling them out by name, warrants a cease and desist letter. Just ask Best Buy and The latter made the commercial that leads this post, and it’s a funny characterization of the Best Buy experience. I mean, because, let’s face it, there are times the customer knows as much, if not more, …

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