Talisman Energy Stocks Climb with Icahn Tweet

Talisman Energy Stocks Climb with Icahn Tweet

By Brian Powell October 8, 2013

The Canadian global oil and gas production company, Talisman Energy, has seen its value slide over the past several years due to poor business planning. However, stocks of Talisman Energy grew over 10% Tuesday morning following this Tweet by Carl …

Carl Icahn Quits Yahoo’s Board Of Directors

Another noteworthy event in the long, strange tale of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal has occurred: about 15 months after securing his seat on Yahoo’s board of directors, Carl Icahn has resigned the position.

It’s important to note that the move isn’t supposed to be interpreted as the first step in starting another fight.  Or even as a sign of disapproval.  In fact, in a letter announcing his resignation, Icahn made it sound more like a case of "mission accomplished" and "time to move on."

Carl Icahn Comes Out In Favor Of Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

The man who once seemed set to single-handedly force a Microsoft-Yahoo acquisition – and then settled for three seats on Yahoo’s board of directors, instead – is at it again.  Carl Icahn’s spoken in favor of a search partnership between the two companies. 

More Microsoft Yahoo Gossip

It seems that people really want Yahoo and Microsoft to get a deal done. Almost every other day it seems, rumors surface and are just as quickly shot down regarding the two companies and a possible transaction that could put a thorn in Google’s side.

Icahn’s Men Join Yahoo’s Board
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Yahoo’s 11-member board of directors is set at last.  In a slight change from what was expected, Carl Icahn’s friends Frank J. Biondi, Jr. and John H. Chapple will fill the last couple of available spots.

Icahn’s Meyer, Biondi Seem Bound For Yahoo’s Board

The Microsoft-Icahn-Yahoo mess has mostly blown over, but as things stand, two seats on Yahoo’s board are still empty.  A new report indicates that Edward Meyer and Frank J. Biondi, Jr. are the two men most likely to fill them on Friday.

Icahn Won’t Make Yahoo Meeting

Carl Icahn seems to think a lot of himself; the billionaire even quotes one of his own statements within the header of his blog.  And, for better or for worse, this attitude has led Icahn to announce that he’ll skip Yahoo’s shareholder meeting.

Report: Major Yahoo Investor Still Unhappy With Yang

The Yahoo-Microsoft-Icahn battle had a lot of people worked up; related press releases and letters displayed some of the strongest language we’ve seen on-the-clock professionals use. So even though the main fight has been resolved, it should come as no surprise that a major investor may still be upset with the situation.

Carl Icahn Will Be Joining The Yahoo Board

Here’s an interesting twist in the Yahoo/Microsoft/Icahn love triangle–Carl Icahn and Yahoo have just kissed and made-up.

Under a newly announced settlement, Carl Icahn and two of his cohorts will be elected to Yahoo’s board of directors.

Yahoo, Icahn Reach An Agreement
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Christmas – or at least August 1st – has come early.  It seems the Yahoo-Icahn proxy mess is resolving itself, with both parties agreeing to a compromise that’ll put Icahn and two of his supporters on Yahoo’s board of directors.

Yahoo Board Seeks Redemption

The latest letter to shareholders from Yahoo’s board of directors urging them to retain the current management, rather than tossing them aside in favor of the slate backed by Carl Icahn.

Carl Icahn’s History Of Shaking Up Companies

Is it just me, or does Carl Icahn shake-up the Board of Directors at every company he invests in?

News today suggests he’s hell-bent on replacing Yahoo’s board at the August 1st annual meeting.

Microsoft, Icahn Reply To Yahoo’s Rejection

Microsoft and Yahoo both employ intelligent, well-educated men and women.  Carl Icahn’s pretty sharp, too.  Recent acquisition dealings seem to have turned a great many people into finger-pointing fifth graders, though, and there’s been another salvo of letters and statements to support this argument.

Big Yahoo Investor Poised To Back Icahn
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The survival chances of Yahoo’s board could diminish greatly if powerful investor Gordon Crawford decides Carl Icahn’s proposed slate of directors looks better than the current Yahoo board.

Yahoo Responds To Latest Icahn Letter

A certain tradition involving Charlie Brown, Lucy, and a football began over 50 years ago.  Now, as Yahoo has once again claimed it’s open to the idea of an acquisition, it’s beginning to look like Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang might set some record of their own.

Microsoft Willing To Deal With Icahn-Controlled Yahoo

As things stand, Microsoft claims to be done negotiating with Yahoo.  But Redmond’s best-known corporation has announced that it is willing to reenter acquisition talks if Carl Icahn wins his proxy fight.

Icahn Blog To Launch Today
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Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is launching his much-anticipated blog today, called the Icahn Report.

Icahn first announced that he would launch a blog in February focused on the desultory state of corporate governance in America.

Since the announcement, the blog, icahnreport.com, has remained vacant of content, leading the New York Post Web site to launch a daily "Carl I Can’t Blog Counter," tracking how many days, hours, minutes and seconds the blog has been idle.