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Career Search Tips: Find Your Ideal Job

There is only one thing more painful than being unemployed: The eye numbing job search one must embark on to find a new job. Chin up, it does not have to be a bad time. If you are moving in the direction of a career that truly makes you happy, it can even be exhilarating. There are some important tips …

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James Franco’s Book Is Out Now: Actors Anonymous

James Franco has become the ultimate celebrity, changing what it means to have celebrity status. His latest project is a novel called Actors Anonymous, which he loosely based off of the format of Alcoholics Anonymous’ twelve step program. This book is the follow up to his 2010 collection of short stories called Palo Alto, which was his first published written …

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Tim Tebow Scraps $1 Million Offer From Moscow Team

Tim Tebow apparently has no intention of succumbing to the possibility of walking away from the NFL permanently. Unfortunately, no team has placed an offer on the table, welcoming him back to the gridiron. However, there was a recent proposal placed on the table. The only problem is that the team isn’t in the NFL, let alone in the United …

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Katherine Heigl Reputation on the Rocks

With the Fall pilot season underway, there has been lots of chatter and reviews about NBC’s new “CIA agent” actress Katherine Heigl. However, the reviews she’s been receiving aren’t hardly plausible for her onscreen performances. Her attitude is the crux of the problem. The old saying, “All publicity is good publicity”, doesn’t quite ring true where Heigl is concerned these …

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